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About the
Hokkaido Expeditions

Hokkaido Expeditions is always on the lookout for weather conditions and geographical issues in Hokkaido and the regions in which we operate, and we will make the most of our experience and local networks to provide the most enjoyable experience at the time. We will not neglect our efforts to provide you with the most enjoyable experience of the season. We will guide you with all our hearts so that your precious holiday and time will be an irreplaceable memory that will last a lifetime.

When Snow Falls, We're Here

Hokkaido Expeditions is dedicated to connecting people and nature, helping you to fully enjoy Hokkaido's natural beauty, history and culture, and encounters with people and food.
We are committed to creating a time that is personalized for each and every one of our clients. Our experience, contacts, and pioneering spirit have earned us the support of many of our clients.

Our motto is
"Powder Onsen Beer Kanpaaai!"

Adventure & Experience

Hokkaido Expeditions
is a company that
"Safety"Simple"Speedy"Steady" are the guiding activity indexes of Hokkaido Expeditions. Safety is our absolute number one priority, and we always remember to act in the best interests of our clients.
We have a responsibility to be there for our clients' precious lives and their families.

Safety First


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