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​About application

​Please confirm and understand the following participation condition agreement, and then apply from each tour menu.

[Participation conditions for COVID-19 infection prevention / guide, please in the mountains]


We (Hokkaido Expeditions) understand the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to provide the experience you seek without compromising your safety or the safety of your staff. We adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines and timelines issued by Hokkaido.


[At the time of application]

① Please be vaccinated (more than once) and participate.

(2) Even if the application is canceled due to a state of emergency, etc., a cancellation fee will be charged for the convenience of the customer.

③ If you are coming from outside Hokkaido, please consider that the risk of infection will increase due to long exposures such as at the airport, on an airplane, while traveling or using accommodation facilities.

④ Please refrain from participating in the tour if you are concerned about the risk of infection or cancellation fee while participating in the tour.



[For participation in the mountain line]

★ Please check the temperature regularly from 3 days before participation to the day of participation. If you feel uneasy about your physical condition, please refrain from participating. There is no refund for cancellations in this case, and we will respond in the form of a revisit limited to the season.

★ Please carry a mask or puff (balaclava) that can be used while traveling in the mountains, and an alcohol portable spray.

★ While riding the guide car or lift gondola, please wear a mask etc. and refrain from talking as much as possible, and after taking a restroom break, please sterilize again before boarding.

★ If you find any infection after participating in the mountain trip, please contact us immediately.

Please understand in advance that we will not be able to respond to complaints or blame for our company when there is a possibility of infection during the tour (due to other climbers or use of each facility).


[Participation agreement]

The guide will give the utmost consideration to all safety management during the mountain trip. However, since it is an activity in a mountainous area, there are unpredictable dangers such as sudden changes in circumstances, natural disasters, sudden deterioration of weather, and the appearance of animals.

Therefore, please be aware of the following conditions before participating.

Also, please be aware that the mountain tour to be held is not a tour sponsored by the Travel Business Law.


[Risks in outdoor activities]

■ While traveling in the mountains, the guide will make the best decisions according to the situation, paying the utmost attention to ensuring the safety of the participants while assessing the weather and natural conditions at the site.
We ask all participants to understand that this is an outdoor activity in a dangerous area and to follow the guide's instructions and advice.


■ Participants will be responsible for the costs of helicopter charters, etc. that the guide in charge deems necessary due to natural disasters, natural disasters, unseasonable weather, illnesses, injuries, and other reasons. Participants are requested to take out mountain insurance (including exercise surcharge incidental / liability) with sufficient coverage.



[Obligation to report health status and response]

■ When applying, please be sure to fill in information such as health condition, illness, and sequelae of past injuries. Some people report their health condition, illness, or injury on the spot if they have a problem while walking on the day without reporting in advance. If the mountain trip is canceled or the original purpose cannot be achieved, the fee will not be refunded.
In addition, the cost of this measure will be borne by the individual participants.


■ If a participant determines that a doctor's diagnosis or medical treatment is required due to illness, injury, or other reasons before or during the mountain trip, necessary measures may be taken, and in some cases, the mountain trip may be taken. May be canceled. In that case, please follow the instructions of the guide in charge. Also, the cancellation fee and the cost required for this measure are
It will be borne by the individual participants.


■ If any abnormality occurs in the participants' own health by the day of the mountain trip after application, please inform the guide in charge immediately. We will decide whether or not to participate in the mountain trip after consulting with the person in consideration of the situation up to the day and the contents of the mountain trip. In addition, we are not responsible for accidents that may be caused by the health condition of the participants. Also, cancellation fee,
The cost of this measure will be borne by the individual participants.



[Bond exemption matters]

■ We are not responsible for any damage to the participants themselves or personal belongings due to the following reasons.
Natural disasters, terrestrial disasters, wars, terrorism, accidents in land and sea, traffic accidents, orders from government public bodies, riots, hijackings, theft, fraud, epidemics, and other unavoidable reasons, alpine diseases, climate of destinations, Damage caused by other illnesses (including damage caused by sequelae), damage caused by not following the instructions of the guide in charge. In particular, the number of natural disasters (typhoons and earthquakes) has been increasing in recent years. Participating in a guided mountain line is not the responsibility of our guide office if it suits such a situation (such as a typhoon does not fly the plane), and the guide fee and other expenses will be borne by the participant. Will be. Please understand this before applying.


■ Guide mountain line indicates the action from the mountain climbing entrance to the descending mountain entrance.

Basically, the meeting place is the mountain climbing entrance and the dissolution place is the descending mountain entrance.
As a general rule, participants will be required to move to the meeting place and the trailhead. However, this does not apply if you wish to piggyback on the guide's car due to the geographical situation of the mountain line location (small parking space, no public transportation, etc.). In this case, it is a piggyback ride at your own risk, and regarding accidents, troubles, delays, etc. while traveling,
We and the driver are not responsible at all.


■ The intention and behavior of the application for participation is against the dangers, all injuries, deaths and losses inherent in the mountain line, regardless of other participants, the participants themselves, others unrelated to the Group, or the cause of lack of management. Indicates that you have accepted your own responsibility for understanding the possible perceptions of them.
Therefore, Participants promise to our Guide Office a permanent immunity and no harm. Participants are generated by participating in the guide mountain line and using the property of our guide office,
We are not responsible for all losses, costs, indemnities and related proceedings, complaints and claims.


■ Our guide mountain line cannot be guaranteed because the scenery, starry sky, sunrise, etc. are affected by the weather and safety of the day. If safety can be ensured, the event will be held even in the rain.
We cannot guarantee the convenience and wishes of our customers (such as "I want to see the scenery at the top of the mountain" and "I want to go to the top of the mountain because of 100 famous mountains"), and the participants are responsible for complaints and claims related to it. It doesn't matter.

If you cancel for that reason, a cancellation fee will be charged, so please check before applying.
In addition, if there is something wrong with the clothes or equipment notified in advance (such as "I didn't bring rain gear because it was fine"), the guide will decide to cancel the mountain trip.
Even in that case, you will be responsible for the following cancellation fee (100% on the day).


■ If the guide office or other participants suffer damage or damage to their belongings due to the intention or negligence of the participant, the person concerned is responsible for compensation for the damage.
(Example: Damaged rental items from the guide, broken guide car, damaged or lost items borrowed from other participants, etc.).


■ While traveling in the mountains, pay close attention to the diversion of photos and images taken by customers, and when posting an image of another customer or another person at that location on SNS, HP, etc., the face of the individual. Please use it after processing or obtaining consent so that the information and information will not be exposed without permission. In addition, the images sent by the guide after the mountain trip and the blog images of our guide office HP,
Please refrain from quoting the guide's SNS images and videos without permission.

■ The act of exposing the recorded and saved GPS in the mountains to blogs, SNS, other networks, etc. is an act that causes a great loss to this guide service.

If you want to use it, please use it only for personal mountain trips.

In addition, we do not take any responsibility for accidents caused by its use.

If you find an overwhelming diversion, you will be subject to a claim for damages.



[Handling of personal information]

■ We will use the personal information described in the application form submitted at the time of application for communication with the participants, as well as the information of the participants for tour guidance etc. You may. In addition, we may provide information to third parties (mainly police and fire departments) in the event of injury or rescue during mountain climbing.



[Cancellation fee]


Cancellation fee for Covid19


■ The following cancellation fee will be charged even if a state of emergency is declared.
The following cancellation fee will also be charged if an infected person occurs at the customer's own office or at work or at home.

■ If you are concerned about the cancellation fee, please refrain from requesting a guide or participating in the open call for participants.



For customers coming from Honshu or far away from Hokkaido

There is no problem with the event due to the weather and natural conditions at the planned tour site, but cancellation fees will be charged for cancellations due to suspension or delay of airplanes, trains, buses, etc. due to bad weather at the customer's departure point. Please check the weather in advance and make adjustments.


■ A cancellation fee will be charged if the customer cancels after making a reservation.

(Cancellation cases, less snow, fewer days to visit, bad weather on the day, etc.)

■ Cancellation fee <Various classes / day-trip mountaineering / day-trip BC skiing & snowboarding>

If the participation is canceled due to the convenience of the participants, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

・ Up to 1 week before departure ・ ・ ・ 20% of guide fee 

・ Up to 5 days before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ 30% of the guide fee

・ Up to 2 days before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ 50% of the guide fee

・ The day before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ 70% of the guide fee       

・ If you do not participate on the day ... ・ 100% of the guide fee

* In addition to the above, if there are expenses such as guide travel fee, accommodation cancellation fee, etc., we will charge the amount.


■ Cancellation fee <For mountain climbing and BC skiing & snowboarding for 2 days or more every day, or for reservations for Yamanaka Tomariyama>

If the participation is canceled due to the convenience of the participants, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

 ・ Up to 1 month before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ 30% of all-day guide fee

・ Up to 2 weeks before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ 50% of the full-day guide fee

・ Up to 1 week before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ 80% of all-day guide fee

・ Until the day before departure ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ 90% of the full-day guide fee

・ If you do not participate on the day ... 100% of the full-day guide fee

* In addition to the above, if there are expenses such as guide travel fee, accommodation cancellation fee, ingredients, etc., we will charge the amount.


■ Cancellation / change of guide plan due to bad weather etc.

When the "guide" decides to change or cancel the schedule due to bad weather or local conditions     

・ If canceled before the meeting, the guide fee will be refunded in full.

・ If the event is canceled after the meeting and before the start of mountain climbing ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Partial refund (Expenses such as guide travel expenses are not included in the refund)

・ If the mountain is canceled after the start of mountain climbing ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ No refund in principle (excluding expenses such as guide travel expenses)

・ If there is a change in the course ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ No refund in principle (customers are responsible for the cost of changing the course)


* The guide will decide the content changes after the start of the mountain trip, such as going down the mountain on the way due to the weather judgment and changing the route.
* In addition to the above, if there are expenses such as guide travel fee, accommodation cancellation fee, etc., we will charge the amount.



■ After the start of mountain climbing, if the weather or route conditions are bad and the original purpose of mountain climbing or trekking cannot be achieved (example: if a strong wind or thunderstorm occurs on the way to the mountaintop and it is judged to descend. A bear appears during mountain climbing and turns back. If you come),
There are no refunds for pre-employed guide fees or other expenses related to mountain travel.




Participants are requested to understand and agree to the above tour participation precautions and conditions before applying.

When our guide office receives your application form and decides that you can participate, we will notify you of "reservation confirmation" or "provisional reservation".

Please be aware that at this point, the contract between you and us will be concluded and cancellation fees will be incurred.


Copyright © 2022 Hokkaido Expeditions All Rights Reserved.

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